Bruha Baddies

Art and Mental Health Series Part 2 with Keet (@makeshiftlove)

November 22, 2020

Many times in our Filipinx/a/o community art is something to stray from, romanticize, or only hold value if it's lucrative. On Bruha Baddies, we want to identify folks that use it as part of an overall healing for themselves that eventually encourages others to participate in art making too.

Keet Geniza is our first international guest on Bruha Baddies and hails all the way from Toronto, Canada. They are an illustrator and they open up about artist block and social media's impact on art sharing. Tune in for their tips how doodling can save your day! We're fans of Keet's ability to artistically highlight fat experiences among pinays/pinxys, fat women of color, and queer women of color.


Ways to find Keet Geniza:

@makeshiftlove on Instagram

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