Bruha Baddies

Season 3: Redefining Rest

January 17, 2021

Raised on the notion of meritocracy and that hard work leads to success, we reflect on work-from-home conditions from 2020. Does it challenge the Model Minority. If so, how? By making us negotiate whether or not we deserve to practice pausing. Guilt, being called “lazy,” and having to prove self worth through productivity may have come up for our Bruha Baddies hosts.

  • First BB RECS in 2021:
      1. Jean

        • Good pillows.
        • I am Co. 30 day affirmation cards
        • Being my own friend zine by @arcadell
      2. Daniel:
        • Read Harder Challenge from Book Riot
        • Chips Ahoy and Milk at night
        • Ginger Ale BoldAle 8
      3. Nicole:
        • Manta Sleep masks
        • Digital Passion Planner
        • The Bahay Kubo club on the Clubhouse app (co-created by Erwin B Valencia and Elise Bernal)

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